Passionate Innovators
At the core of the SPI team is a passion for the idea, but the real skill is blending innovation into product development.  We specialize in the ability to continuously infuse fresh ideas during the development process, filter through all those ideas, and allow only the best to become a part of the final design, all without negatively affecting the project timeline.
Potential Innovation
Every successful product was once just a rough idea. We continuously examine the world around us in search of the next big idea.
Strategic Planning
Even the best ideas are useless unless they reach the market. We specialize in backing up innovative ideas with a thorough understanding of the market potential to ensure that the final product is well received by the end user.
Simplistic Philosophy
True innovation is making the complex seem simple. We take pride in not only finding a viable solution, but finding the ultimate solution that will be intuitive for the end user to use and understand.
Patentable Inventions
We focus on the creation of Intellectual Property to provide our customers patent protected technologies that are vital to ensure the long-term success of a product.
Proficient Infrastructure
We are intimately involved in the full spectrum of the product development cycle, from market analysis and conceptual prototyping to field testing and detailed electromechanical design. Even after the release of production documentation, we continue to work closely with the manufacturer, sales force, and service representatives to guarantee a smooth product launch.
Process Improvement
Success should never breed complacency. We are constantly examining the product development process to look for new methods and technologies that will help to shorten the development cycle and bring products to market faster.